Welcome To Baba Hemadas Gaushala

We warmly welcome everyone at ‘Baba Hemadas Gaushala’. ‘Gaavo Visvasya Matarah’ (Sanskrit) i.e. Cow is the mother of the world. We sincerely feel it is our duty to protect and nurture this holy animal. We have created a small place for sheltering them. We are inviting you all to partner us in this endeavour.

There are various needs of these cows which needs utmost attention, love and care. We feel that there is a need to be catered with some level of expertise and sincerity. We have created an atmosphere where they can prosper and grow, and give us their blessings

About Cow !

Indian Culture & religion is considered as supreme and the oldest in the world. Being most ancient BHARAT is considered as world’s Vishwa Guru. Our culture is based on “Vedic Heritage”. Veda’s are full of scriptures adulations of Cows & its supreme importance to all Creatures & the Mankind in particular the universe. The oldest epic Mahabharata now considered as the 5th Veda also admire & praise. Cows – As